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The Garzoni Arrive

Finally the new scaffold was being raised in the chapel. Michelangelo watched with satisfaction, his thoughts full of plans for restarting his work. When an unexpected hand grabbed his shoulder, he spun around, on the defensive. He hated being taken by surprise. As he turned he raised his left arm, swinging reflexively. Francesco Granacci knew […]

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Julius Returns (2)

Two guards woke Michelangelo in his workshop at first light, demanding he come with them immediately. They took him by way of the corridor first to the papal apartments and then to the stairway leading up to the scaffold in the chapel. Michelangelo found Pope Julius at the rear, gazing at the prophet Zechariah, who […]

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Drunkenness of Noah (1)

Most Honorable Father, I gather from your last letter that people in Florence say I have died. It’s of little import, since I’m still alive. Therefore, let people think what they wish, and do not speak of me with anyone for there are many bad individuals. I have nothing else to tell you. I am […]

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